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my first love: food & cooking

I have struggled with my weight ever since I was born. I knew when I was a baby, I weighed more than my age, I could not run as much due to size of my body. I then began to develop this intense love for eating. Given that I already looked and felt big, I found comfort in eating everything  I liked. Then I had this fondness to cook. I came from a family of cooks. My dad’s family is from Nueva Ecija who prepares festive lunch or dinner dishes for the whole baranggay…literally. My mom is from Pampanga..enough said. So bloodline tells me that you are born to cook and well, I knew that already.

Given this day and age where it is either you get employed from a top company or you make your own business, I am still in that stage wherein I feel that I am in the middle of both. I cannot let go of my day job since it allows me/us to save up for the future and to be able to fulfill my other passion..my real passion.

I am not saying I want to put up  a restaurant. I used to dream of opening one, but for now, I only want to cook for small parties. More of like a small and home serviced catering thing. I want to join bazaars, be able to share my food to friends then through word of mouth hopefully, clients will increase. I need something new to offer. Something unique. Something that has never been done before. I want to revolutionize how people eat and enjoy their food.

I currently have a blog where I post my “daily” experiments on food but due to the day job I have, I cant quite keep up.

The time is now. I will make time

Missing Manila

After 5 long months, I will be having a 1 week vacation in Manila. I never imagined and thought I’d miss the traffic but I DO! I DO! I DO! I miss the traffic, I miss going home from work with having to sit long hours just to sleep and wake up the next work day. I miss going out on weekends with my family, I miss greenhills and the super cheap stuff (clothes, shoes, bags) I could buy. I miss riding the tricycle going home. I miss Eastwood and my “people” (channeling Grey’s Anatomy). I MISS MANILA!

I promise to myself that I’d go home every month kahit weekend lang (overnight). I dont care how costly this may sound but I cannot take this 5 month of not going home crap. IT SUCKS!

I miss the food, my Headstrong officemates, my HS friends! I MISS MANILA!

Our flight is tom morning and I cannot wait to be home!

See you in a few hours Manila!

New job

Yes! I found a new job. =) I have been meaning to look for a better job. A job that is nearer our place and that is more inclined into investment banking. The job I currently have is under retail banking which is not that challenging to say the least. But I owe this job a lot. This is my first Singapore stint and I have learned a lot.

Been planning for our 2012 wedding. We have already made reservations for the church and been looking for possible reception venue options. I don’t have a ring yet though. So technically, not yet engaged but soon to be married. Get it?

If this new job goes well, we might have the chance to have our very first “white Christmas” in NYC. If not this December, maybe early January of 2012. As I have said, if this new job goes well (meaning, a possible increase maybe? or if John gets a better offer elsewhere)

My brother is now a Junior Intern (medical school–soon to be *crosses fingers* doctor) in UERM. So proud of him!

John has a nephew! Kyle Matthew Co Bullen! You are the cutest baby ever. =) Cannot wait to see you soon!!!

One step at a time

I often find myself thinking of what I want 5 years from now. Yes, I need to be better in what I do, I want to lead a group of people and be the best Software Test engineer out there. But really? Is that what I really want? Or do I just say that to justify whatever it is I am currently in and just work around it? I want to SEE THE WORLD. A lot of people do have the luxury of both time and money to just go for it! Hop on a plane and go to Greece, Spain, St. Barts and what have you. Sometimes yes, it only takes that one step but the difficult part of this is taking the succeeding ones. That single step could lead you elsewhere. It could lead you to whatever it is you want to go or it could side track you and lose your way. I for one is side-tracked. I don’t know where to begin. I wanted to do something else aside from what I am currently doing. I know I am good at it and I want this job but for me it is still called WORK so it’s not FUN. If you love something, you shouldn’t be calling it work, right?

I always tell myself that it’s easy, you will soon get there..have patience and faith. But sometimes you also need the guts and money to just go for it! Guts I have, money I still lack. How I wish it could be easy. I oftentimes daydream being in the other side of the world, enjoying doing the mise en place.


Aloha I am alive.


It has been a whirlwind of surprises and amazing blessings. God is truly smart! Haha for a lack of better term to call it talaga. He knows what you really need and want and when you can have it. Right timing. It is not luck. I dont call it fate either. I call it PRAYER. Lots of it.

For 2010, I have been with 3 employers, 2 of which have given me a chance to learn and prepare myself on what’s to come. I am thankful for my previous managers who gave me moral support and their trust to be part of a huge team and contribute something to the projects I was assigned to.

I went to my first ever asian country to date that year. I went to Singapore mainly to celebrate our 5th year anniversary turned vacation-with-brother slashed disaster of sorts. Nonetheless, it was time well spent =)

I was part of a dear friend’s entourage. It was such an honor and blessing to be part of this monumental time of her life. I enjoyed the preps since we are officemates =) I loooove her to bits.

LDR. Hhaha the last one was 2008. Different time zones before didn’t help. This time around, no time difference but hey, the distance is still a challenge. I cannot call it difficult since we’ve been that round before. We are now mature and a bit knowledgable on how to deal with issues if there were any. I am glad we are both open minded now compared to before. We both took a risk at this one. I am again thankful that we have surpassed this. =)

Another risk: I left my job with an amazing team and with a good pay as well and went to Singapore. I basically left my comfort zone. Comfort zone meaning, leaving home and went to another country with no work just savings and sheer hope and faith that I would find one…and I did. =) I am again thankful to God for constantly hearing my prayers.

I also went to Singapore to be with John. I am just glad that I have supportive parents that allowed me to stay here. =)

I realized that I didn’t go here in Singapore mainly for the money. I went here to enhance my skills and be with John. Bonus na lang yung money. =) Money naman, kahit my parents dont need it and kahit they dont oblige me, I have this urge to give back. Nakakahiya naman din kasi hindi magbigay in my case since nagaaral pa brother ko ng med and we are not well off. =)

2010 is such a revelation. I didn’t expect it to be a mix of all emotions. The past decade had been great. Looking back, 10 years had gone by giving me tons of new knowledge. Friends and pseudo friends (ahaha) among others.

Here’s to another amazing decade.

God, as I have already said…this year, this decade is for you.