happyskies :)

Why the name? Happyskies?

Well, I have been blogging for 8 years now and I must say that blogging has been part of my everyday life. Just ranting and rambling and simply talking to myself and the keyboard I’m typing in. This gives me the freedom to speak freely without thinking of anyone, not minding if people might read nor appreciate the thoughts I’m would like to get across. Blogging for me is a type of therapy. I could type for hours and I could simply look back and reflect on the weird crazy things I have written down.

Happyskies is about positive thoughts. A new beginning towards something greater. For me, this blog is about reaching for what is out there for me and I believe that one way in achieving those goals and dreams is to exude and impart positive outlook for myself and to anyone who would stumble into this site.

I am not much of a writer nor a poetic person who’s good with words and all that. This is just my outlet of sending good vibes to everyone.




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