hello Manila!


We are now back in Manila. No, not for a quick vacation but for good (well, for now at least). I realized that it has been a month or so since we decided to move back and so far, we have already settled in our humble rented unit near our workplace. We have been busy with all the chores and buying like crazy mad men for things we need like cleaning materials, cabinets, mats, mop, food etc. It is exhausting and fun at the same time. Thank goodness for quick internet installation by PLDT, we are connected to the world after a few days. This is home for us now. I feel happy. =) 

I have started with my new job. I like it here. I hope it stays that way. I am excited with the projects I will be part of. As for the team, I am positive that I will gain new friends along the way. =) John also has a new job =) he will start in a couple of days. Thank you Lord =) 

What else is new? I have enrolled in Beyond Yoga and I love it! I dont get to practice as often as I wanted but the class is really exciting! Few students attend the class which gives the teacher more time to guide each student along the way. Unlike the one I used to attend in Singapore, this is more helpful. It is not Hot Flow though but I do perspire a lot and catch my breath in between poses. 

I have spent time with both sets of parents since we have been here. =) happy to be home at last. We are glad that we get to spend more with them and our dog, Roca. I love her to bits. 

We just celebrated our 8th year as a couple and 6th month as a married pair. ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy happy!

So I guess that is the only update for now. See you!! 


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