Be thankful.

Growing up and until today, I always had this knack of saying “Thank You”. I say thank you to friends who text, who appreciate your work, teachers who give their time beyond work hours, to that manang who made numerous photocopied and binded books back in college, to our company messenger who went to the BIR and SSS office to get our forms and updated our information. I always always always make it a point to say thank you. 

I am just appalled by the idea of some who do not have this value imbibed in them. They don’t or rarely say thank you. I don’t think it is that hard to say. I also find it rude when people do not appreciate the value of what others do for them, even how small or how grand that thing is, I believe it should appreciated nonetheless. 

Walang bayad ang magpasalamat, hindi naman kelangan may material na kapalit pero a simple thank you would suffice

I am grateful for my parents who, at an early age, taught us to always say thank you. It warms the heart when people, especially those who are dear to you or those you value, thank you for mundane things kahit hindi expected. 

Be thankful. 


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