hello world!

Hello again! after a year long of not blogging, I am back! 

2012 has been a great year of many wonderful things!

Let me enumerate:

  • I got married!!! (Yes!!) – we are married! yay!ImageImage
  • Went to the US for a month long vacation! (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and NEW YORK!!!!!)Image
  • Got a new job and left work months before the wedding which was amazing!!
  • practiced more cooking! (and plating!)

This 2013, I turned 30 a few days back and I feel great! I have written down a few things I need to do this year. Some of which, I would like to share with you:

  • tap into my creative side. I am not the really artsy but it has been my frustration to be able to do artsy things. I have dabbled with photoshop a few years back and I am interested into the crafty aspect of things. (rubber stamp making, calligraphy etc). — so i bought a set of Sakura watercolor and a moleskin. Image
  • read more books! so far, I have read 3 book already. I am not the fastest reader of all but I am glad I am into books now. John bought a kindle reader so more reading for me!!! 
  • YOGA! I finally found the fitness regimen best suited for me. Apart from the usual cardio that ZUMBA and body JAM gives, HOT YOGA has been the best thing that has ever happened to my body. Planning to do more practice even at home! 
  • Running. I need to loosen up those joints! i promise to do more running this year =)
  • Save save save save money. we are sooo glad that one item has been ticked off our list of to do’s (wedding!). It was a big thing for us to save and spend our own money for it without having to ask for our parents’ help — money wise. We must save more this year for another PLAN of ours. (secret muna)
  • EAT HEALTHY. I have been trying to eat healthy the past months even when I was in the US. This year, I will try to take it up a notch and do more. Ill try to be a “vegan” for a week each month to detox. I need a juicer as well
  • BAKE! I have tried to bake and loooved it! I havent tried to bake here at home (Singapore) since we do not have an oven. Electricity here is super expensive when ovens are used so we try to minimize our consumption by not buying one. When we move back to Manila, we will BUY ONE!!
  • Go back to MANILA. Yes! one of our biggest decisions is to move back to manila for a while. We are planning something and for the meantime, we are headed back to the traffic, pollution and everything we hated/loved there! =) yaaay

So I guess I am back to blogging! Yaaay!! =) 



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