12 months in 2011

Highlights of 2011:

January: Went back to SG after a week’s worth of holiday vacation. Thank God for a good and understanding boss! 🙂 Went back to work and started to look for a new job!

February: Birthday month! Valentine’s Day! John cooked risotto for me on hearts day! ❤ thanks honhon! I looooved it even though you know very well I rarely eat rice! He went home early that day to cook! Such a sweetie! Birthday! Had lunch at Chili’s Sentosa, roamed around VIVO city mall and went home to rest. We ordered a ton of food and took home the rest! Dinner at a fancy shmancy place — Mandarin Oriental’s Melt the World Cafe! dressed up for the occasion! SO full! Yummy dinner! must visit soon!

March: My contract ended with my first job and had to look for a newone! Dad’s birthday! was not able to go home to visit but was able to send money aside from the monthly remittance, for them to spend for his day! 🙂

April: Bum month! busy looking for work! Found one after 2 weeks but work started end of May! Started to go to them Gym! Fitness First! been going ever since! Month where we decided to get married next year (this year 2012) No ring yet by this time.

May: Had a quick vacation from May 5-9. Just stayed at home, met with a few HS friends and went back to Singapore! Started my new work at Barclays Capital (Wealth). Met with my possible gown designer #1 (Veluz Reyes). She broke my heart. We cannot afford her. 😦

June: This was a blur! Work load was tough! INvestment banking you pain my heart!

July: Same with June! Started to book our photographer and videographer at this time. Been talking with our caterer too!

August: Had a semi-long vacation from Aug 4-9 (i think). Mother’s birthday celebration, food tasting with mother, sister, John and his sister at Blue Leaf. Decided on getting the caterer and had a tour of the reception venue. Paid the DP for the venue after that. Met with my gown designer #2 and decided on getting him already! (Cecilio Abad).

September: Work woes 😦 Wedding preps on the works. I am glad John is there to help me get through the work woes 😦

October: Work has been really stressing. Decided to leave after my project makes its first release this March 2012. I cannot take it any longer.

November: Busy saving up and also trying to keep up with work.


December: jolly happy holiday month! Excited for our holiday vacation! Started buying small stuff to bring home! Watched Wicked! ITS IS THE BEST PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN! — EVER! Spent the holiday season here in Manila which btw, is THE BEST! Nothing


beats Pasko in the Philippines! I am willing to spend SGD1,000 just to go home every holiday season. Best blessing this year, WE ARE ENGAGED, officially! Got my ring and the proposal story is really funny/romantic/nakaka frustrate rolled into one. I looooove it! Then had dinner at — Gluttons Bay! Yes! Hawker food! I loooove it! I shall blog about how John proposed next time.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2011. Thankful to have a job which sometimes I don’t like. I hope 2012 will be better in terms of work. But overall, I wish for 2012 to be better for us (John and myself), my parents’ health and my brother and sister and tita and Roca 🙂


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