hello Manila!


We are now back in Manila. No, not for a quick vacation but for good (well, for now at least). I realized that it has been a month or so since we decided to move back and so far, we have already settled in our humble rented unit near our workplace. We have been busy with all the chores and buying like crazy mad men for things we need like cleaning materials, cabinets, mats, mop, food etc. It is exhausting and fun at the same time. Thank goodness for quick internet installation by PLDT, we are connected to the world after a few days. This is home for us now. I feel happy. =) 

I have started with my new job. I like it here. I hope it stays that way. I am excited with the projects I will be part of. As for the team, I am positive that I will gain new friends along the way. =) John also has a new job =) he will start in a couple of days. Thank you Lord =) 

What else is new? I have enrolled in Beyond Yoga and I love it! I dont get to practice as often as I wanted but the class is really exciting! Few students attend the class which gives the teacher more time to guide each student along the way. Unlike the one I used to attend in Singapore, this is more helpful. It is not Hot Flow though but I do perspire a lot and catch my breath in between poses. 

I have spent time with both sets of parents since we have been here. =) happy to be home at last. We are glad that we get to spend more with them and our dog, Roca. I love her to bits. 

We just celebrated our 8th year as a couple and 6th month as a married pair. ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy happy!

So I guess that is the only update for now. See you!! 


Be thankful.

Growing up and until today, I always had this knack of saying “Thank You”. I say thank you to friends who text, who appreciate your work, teachers who give their time beyond work hours, to that manang who made numerous photocopied and binded books back in college, to our company messenger who went to the BIR and SSS office to get our forms and updated our information. I always always always make it a point to say thank you. 

I am just appalled by the idea of some who do not have this value imbibed in them. They don’t or rarely say thank you. I don’t think it is that hard to say. I also find it rude when people do not appreciate the value of what others do for them, even how small or how grand that thing is, I believe it should appreciated nonetheless. 

Walang bayad ang magpasalamat, hindi naman kelangan may material na kapalit pero a simple thank you would suffice

I am grateful for my parents who, at an early age, taught us to always say thank you. It warms the heart when people, especially those who are dear to you or those you value, thank you for mundane things kahit hindi expected. 

Be thankful. 

Home Deco!

Apart from cook books, I also loooove Home Decor books. I currently do not own one but I am planning to get 3 soonest. What I love about home decor books is that it gives you an idea on what your room could look like and the tips they include to save up on items you do not really need but would look nice when you add it in your room.







These are the must buy decor books on my list. =)  I am also loving the website One Kings Lane. It contains all vintage stuff currently up for sale coming from different vendors. The have sofa sets, plates, jars, chairs, buffet tables and what not. The items are super super expensive kaya hanggang tingin lang ako. =) 



More finds soon!! 

I love breakfasts.

I think I made a post before about my undying love for breakfast food. I love them all! Whenever we have the time and money to check into a hotel or resort, I always make sure I get the other 1 of the 2 complimentary buffet breakfasts that comes with the overnight accommodation. =) Filipino breakfast fare is the best IMO. If you are not familiar with what we Filipinos usually have for breakfast, I shall give you a photo spam (hmmm SPAM!!! sorry got distracted.) (please be reminded that the pictures below are not mine and were all taken from different sources ℅ google images.)

egg + garlic fried rice + dried fish + aged beef  + sausage

egg + garlic fried rice + dried fish + aged beef + sausage

<3 <3

garlic friend rice, aged seasoned beef, tomatoes and scrambled eggs


pork sausage and garlic rice

<3 <3

danggit, sweetened pork (tocino) and garlic rice

smoked herring, tomtoes, scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice

smoked herring, tomtoes, scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice

If you are not at all enticed with the pictures, I DO NOT KNOW NOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Anything with garlic fried rice and egg would come out amazing. I have had my fair share of breakfasts (well from singapore, indonesian, japanese and american breakfast fares) and nothing even comes close with what I am accustomed to having in Manila. =)

But I still love Pandesal (breakfast bread) with cheese/butter/bacon/egg) with coffee. =) nothing beats plain bread.

I also eat cereal with non fat lactose-free milk. I like the Fitnesse kind and Honey Gold =)


hello world!

Hello again! after a year long of not blogging, I am back! 

2012 has been a great year of many wonderful things!

Let me enumerate:

  • I got married!!! (Yes!!) – we are married! yay!ImageImage
  • Went to the US for a month long vacation! (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and NEW YORK!!!!!)Image
  • Got a new job and left work months before the wedding which was amazing!!
  • practiced more cooking! (and plating!)

This 2013, I turned 30 a few days back and I feel great! I have written down a few things I need to do this year. Some of which, I would like to share with you:

  • tap into my creative side. I am not the really artsy but it has been my frustration to be able to do artsy things. I have dabbled with photoshop a few years back and I am interested into the crafty aspect of things. (rubber stamp making, calligraphy etc). — so i bought a set of Sakura watercolor and a moleskin. Image
  • read more books! so far, I have read 3 book already. I am not the fastest reader of all but I am glad I am into books now. John bought a kindle reader so more reading for me!!! 
  • YOGA! I finally found the fitness regimen best suited for me. Apart from the usual cardio that ZUMBA and body JAM gives, HOT YOGA has been the best thing that has ever happened to my body. Planning to do more practice even at home! 
  • Running. I need to loosen up those joints! i promise to do more running this year =)
  • Save save save save money. we are sooo glad that one item has been ticked off our list of to do’s (wedding!). It was a big thing for us to save and spend our own money for it without having to ask for our parents’ help — money wise. We must save more this year for another PLAN of ours. (secret muna)
  • EAT HEALTHY. I have been trying to eat healthy the past months even when I was in the US. This year, I will try to take it up a notch and do more. Ill try to be a “vegan” for a week each month to detox. I need a juicer as well
  • BAKE! I have tried to bake and loooved it! I havent tried to bake here at home (Singapore) since we do not have an oven. Electricity here is super expensive when ovens are used so we try to minimize our consumption by not buying one. When we move back to Manila, we will BUY ONE!!
  • Go back to MANILA. Yes! one of our biggest decisions is to move back to manila for a while. We are planning something and for the meantime, we are headed back to the traffic, pollution and everything we hated/loved there! =) yaaay

So I guess I am back to blogging! Yaaay!! =) 


you are the palaman to my tinapay

happy hearts day! 🙂 Sweet surprises make me happy!!! I thought hearts day would just go by since we are saving money and no time to really go out, I opted to cook dinner with a slice of cheesecake to cap the night away but wow! While resting, I went to our room and John gave me this box ofGodiva chocolates and a hand written letter which I TOTALLY LOVE! No material gift can top hand written letters. The best thing ever! Then after a few minutes when I told him to buy beef cubes, he came back with flowers!  I really am marrying the best guy on the planet! 🙂

Our last hearts day as gf-bf was something! 🙂 One for the books! Last year, he cooked dinner! So glad to celebrate more hearts day with you Janjan! 🙂

Hope you guys had an amazing day! 🙂

Happy preps

We are on a roll once again for the wedding preps. So far, we have booked almost half of the important ones and have paid in FULL (oh my!!!) the venue which a huge relief! One big expense PAID already! woohoo!

Wedding preps is fun! I am actually enjoying it! The painful and happy part of it all is seeing our excel sheet with all the COST and PAID columns.! happy part on the PAID part! 🙂 Another concern is the guest list. I have a big family. I am close with my second cousins so meaning, additional guests! Good thing, John has a small family and we have common friends so that leaves us with less guests to invite! hahahah

One more thing about all this initial wedding preps, you will really know and find out who your REAL friends are. I am actually seeing it now. The ones who are whole heartedly happy for us and the ones who are just stoic. Well.. I really don’t expect everyone to be happy real friends should feel the same way as we do.

Well, we have a long way to go so we will see how everything goes! 🙂

How do you simply thank God?

Simply put, where do I begin and which words should I use to really express my heartfelt thanks to God for giving me the chance to feel the loved and to be able to love someone dearly whole heartedly and unconditionally over someone who has been with me all through out my ups downs and tumbling all around life.

I am thankful to God for allowing me to open my heart and mind to love and allowing me to grow as a person all throughout our relationship over the past 6.5 years of being together. When I was a little girl who ate her stomach out thinking that the end of the world would be coming the next day, marriage was never on my mind. I thought I could live and die alone and I would be a happy camper. Being fat was something I learned to accept and boys were never on my want list.

Then came latter part of gradeschool and high school. I became conscious of what I ate and what I looked but guys never really took notice. That was fine I guess. But I learned to accept that, I think love would find a way somehow. I prayed and waited until the waiting got a bit tiring so I just prayed but then praying for someone to come did not make any sense so I stopped asking God for a guy. I just prayed for more important things that were worth it. I just prayed for patience.

God you are really amazing! I finally found someone who I prayed for and much more. So fitting! Kahit na super dungis ko and everything else. I have the funniest, most loving, the best boyfriend or rather…as Patty Laurel said — “FEYONCE KNOWLES” ever.

Thank you God. You work in mysterious ways tulad nga ng sabi ni MYMP. AMAZING. I cannot wait for our life to “begin”. If I can only hug you Lord now and personally thank you but unless I’d go to heaven anytime soon (WAG MUNA HA?), I am writing you now to thank you. My life is far from perfect but you know, That’s OK! Kasi if perfect ang buhay ko na laging masaya at walang problema whatsoever, I won’t be able to appreciate the BIG THINGS. I have had my fair share of problems kaya thank you for those and thank you dahil bumawi kayo ng sobra 🙂

I will try my best to be nicer, better and stronger! 🙂 hahah Love you po!!! 🙂

THANK YOU and invited kayo sa wedding! 🙂

12 months in 2011

Highlights of 2011:

January: Went back to SG after a week’s worth of holiday vacation. Thank God for a good and understanding boss! 🙂 Went back to work and started to look for a new job!

February: Birthday month! Valentine’s Day! John cooked risotto for me on hearts day! ❤ thanks honhon! I looooved it even though you know very well I rarely eat rice! He went home early that day to cook! Such a sweetie! Birthday! Had lunch at Chili’s Sentosa, roamed around VIVO city mall and went home to rest. We ordered a ton of food and took home the rest! Dinner at a fancy shmancy place — Mandarin Oriental’s Melt the World Cafe! dressed up for the occasion! SO full! Yummy dinner! must visit soon!

March: My contract ended with my first job and had to look for a newone! Dad’s birthday! was not able to go home to visit but was able to send money aside from the monthly remittance, for them to spend for his day! 🙂

April: Bum month! busy looking for work! Found one after 2 weeks but work started end of May! Started to go to them Gym! Fitness First! been going ever since! Month where we decided to get married next year (this year 2012) No ring yet by this time.

May: Had a quick vacation from May 5-9. Just stayed at home, met with a few HS friends and went back to Singapore! Started my new work at Barclays Capital (Wealth). Met with my possible gown designer #1 (Veluz Reyes). She broke my heart. We cannot afford her. 😦

June: This was a blur! Work load was tough! INvestment banking you pain my heart!

July: Same with June! Started to book our photographer and videographer at this time. Been talking with our caterer too!

August: Had a semi-long vacation from Aug 4-9 (i think). Mother’s birthday celebration, food tasting with mother, sister, John and his sister at Blue Leaf. Decided on getting the caterer and had a tour of the reception venue. Paid the DP for the venue after that. Met with my gown designer #2 and decided on getting him already! (Cecilio Abad).

September: Work woes 😦 Wedding preps on the works. I am glad John is there to help me get through the work woes 😦

October: Work has been really stressing. Decided to leave after my project makes its first release this March 2012. I cannot take it any longer.

November: Busy saving up and also trying to keep up with work.


December: jolly happy holiday month! Excited for our holiday vacation! Started buying small stuff to bring home! Watched Wicked! ITS IS THE BEST PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN! — EVER! Spent the holiday season here in Manila which btw, is THE BEST! Nothing


beats Pasko in the Philippines! I am willing to spend SGD1,000 just to go home every holiday season. Best blessing this year, WE ARE ENGAGED, officially! Got my ring and the proposal story is really funny/romantic/nakaka frustrate rolled into one. I looooove it! Then had dinner at — Gluttons Bay! Yes! Hawker food! I loooove it! I shall blog about how John proposed next time.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2011. Thankful to have a job which sometimes I don’t like. I hope 2012 will be better in terms of work. But overall, I wish for 2012 to be better for us (John and myself), my parents’ health and my brother and sister and tita and Roca 🙂